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Above All Company Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps

List Price:$39.99
Price: $18.93
You Save: $21.06 (53%)

Customer comment:

By Tim In Chicago-

"I try to filter out the hype that sometimes ends up in reviews on this site - but the reviews on this product seemed to have a bit of truth to them so I ordered them. I am very impressed; these really do help out.

One of the biggest challenges I often have when working around the house is moving large items by myself. My wife is always willing to try and help but her will is sometimes larger than her muscles.

Now, these make it much easier for us. Last weekend, we used these to move a washer and dryer from one end of the basement to the other. No problem at all. Before using these, I would have struggled to get this done but these straps made it very easy for her to help me and we got the job done quickly and probably much more safely. It was so easy I was almost laughing.

Enough said... these lived up the hype. I'm very glad to own them."